Otonomi - I Think I'm Alright.

by Otonomi



- (Verse 1) -
Look at all these people, watch them stop and try, to make it feel alright,
with the weight of the world on their minds.
I’m watching, I wait for, for someone or something, to make me feel,
Feel alive, feel like I’m here

- (Chorus 1) -
But I’m gone. I know that I’m gone,
I’m here today but gone tomorrow, I’ll be years and years away, and you’ll forget about me,
And that I’m gone.

- (Verse 2) -
I’m feeling empty, I’m feeling out of place,
oh every, single day,
I wake up, I open my eyes to nothing,
and it’s terrifying and coming to take me away.
Take, me away, to take, me away.

- (Chorus 2) -
‘Cause I’m gone, I know, that I’m gone,
I’m here today but gone every other day and when I leave I’ll leave with so much left to say and then I,
I’ll be gone.

- (Verse 3) -
I want to speak, and I want to see, I want to know just how it feels to love, or to be loved, just something, please someone help me,
I need this, or I’ll be less than human someone help me out, someone help me out, help me find my way home,
‘cause I’m gone, and I know, that I’m gone

- (End) -
‘Cause I’m gone, Oh dear I’m gone.
I know that you know if I could that I would, stay here for you, stay here for you.
If only I could you know I would but I am,
I am I am I am, I am I am, gone,
I am I am I am, gone.


released March 14, 2015



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Otonomi Phoenix, Arizona

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